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June 4th, 2024
December 31st, 2024
Canada and USA
HVMV - 2024

High and Medium Voltage Commissioning Specialist

Position Title: High/Medium Voltage Commissioning Specialist


Position Summary: The High Voltage Commissioning Specialist is responsible for the commissioning, testing, and validation of high voltage electrical systems and equipment. This role ensures that newly installed systems are fully operational and meet all performance and safety standards before being handed over for regular operation.  These position would be in Canada and the USA.  Must have a valid passport and legally eligible to work in both Canada and USA

 All candidates being considered for this opportunity will be required to pass a pre-access Drug and Alcohol screening based on the Safety sensitive positions we are recruiting for in order to proceed with final stage


Key Responsibilities

Testing and Validation:

  • High voltage insulation resistance and ductor (low resistance ohmmeter) testing of 13.8kV and 4.16kV switchgear and MCC’s per NETA standards. 
  • Testing 13.8kV vacuum circuit breaker tests including DC insulation, AC Hi-pot, power factor and bottle integrity tests. 
  • Testing 4.16kV starters per NETA standards. DC insulation, AC Hi-pot, power factor 
  • HV Current Transformer (CT) testing to include winding resistance, polarity, ratio and mag. curves using Megger Relay CT (MRCT) test equipment or equivalent. 
  • Potential Transformer (PT) testing to include winding resistance, polarity and ratio. 
  • Testing of SEL relays at set point using Doble relay test set or equivalent. Relay types are SEL-751, SEL-787, SEL-710-5 & SEL-735 meter. 
  • Protection test to include trip testing, secondary injections and primary injections. 
  • Testing of oil filled power transformers per NETA standards. Tests to include ratio and winding resistance on all taps, power factor and excitation testing, and tests on transformer ancillary devices and oil testing. 

Troubleshooting and problem resolution:

  • Identify, diagnose, and resolve issues encountered during the commissioning and testing phases.
  • Work collaboratively with other technicians, engineers and contractors to address and rectify problems.
  • Compose RFI’s for technical issues with design.
  • Implement corrective actions and retest systems to confirm successful resolution.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Prepare comprehensive reports summarizing the commissioning and testing process, outcomes, and any recommendations for improvement.
  • Ensure all documentation complies with NETA standards and company’s specifications.
  • Complete equipment checks using Hexagons SMART completion system.

 Safety and Compliance:

  • Ensure all work is performed in compliance with OSHA, state and federal regulations.
  • Participate in safety training and promote a culture of safety within the commissioning team.
  • Adhere to site safety protocols, particularly when working on live electrical systems.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Associated degree in Electrical Engineering or Technology.
  • Journeymen or Master Electrician license preferred.


  • Minimum of 5-10 years of experience in commissioning and testing High/Medium voltage electrical systems.
  • Proven expertise in the use of electrical test equipment. E.g. Doble, Megger, Omicron, Vanguard.


 Skills and Abilities: 

  • Strong knowledge of electrical theory, high voltage systems, and electrical codes.
  • Proficient in interpreting blueprints, schematics, and technical manuals.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Willing to travel for work to the USA